• Hello, I am Noémie

    Currently working remote from Nantes, France


    I work as a Product Manager at Companion, where I use mixed research methods to guide our product development. On any given day I can be found putting together wireframes, touching up a PRD, or running a usability test or survey study.


    I was born in France and grew up in the countryside surrounded by cats, dogs, and horses. I studied psychology and animal behavior in college and grad school. Now in San Francisco, I combine AI, hardware, software, and animal behavior in a delightful product for pet parents.


    Ping me at noemie.a.guerin@gmail.com


    PS: Some of the topics I like to nerd about are equine behavior, indie music, and sustainability.

  • Skills

    Start-up trained in all things UX and product

    UX Research

    • Interviews (ethno, semi-structured)
    • Survey research
    • Usability studies (HW/SW)
    • Advanced statistics (SPSS)

    UX Design and Writing

    • Wireframing & Prototyping (XD)
    • On brand UX writing
    • Hardware UX 

    Product management

    • PRD and specs writing
    • Consensus building
    • Roadmap management
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  • Side projects

    (Did I mention I love donkeys?)

    I recently joined the board of a not-for-profit that provides visits of a miniature horse and miniature donkey to kids in need in San Francisco.

    Visit caringcowgirl.org or email liz@caringcowgirl.org to schedule a visit, or ping me for more information!

    I am a trainer for the Observation of Human-Animal Interaction for Research (OHAIRE) behavior coding tool. Visit ohairecoding.com or email ohairecoding@gmail.com for further information.

  • Publications

    (Yup, I used to be a researcher and still dabble in it at Companion)



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